Guide Oslo 02.09.19: Norwegian Launch – The Balvenie Stories |
Logo: Underbar


What: Tasting  

Theme: Norwegian Launch – The Balvenie Stories  

Where: Underbar, Aker Brygge  

When: Monday 09. September 2019, 18:00  

Price: NOK 300

  Together with The Whisky Bar and Dr. Jekylls there will be a Norwegian laungh of The Balvenie Stories at Underbar, Aker Brygge. But what is The Balvenie Stores? We will have to rely on what the organizer writes – quoting the brand ambassador:

” «Balvenie Stories» is a collection of single malt whiskies that represent stories about character, adventurousness and a love for craftmanship. «Stories is the life blood of the Balvenie distillery. They show who we are and what we can do. They tell our story i a fluid form and give whisky drinkers across the world a glimpse into the completely unique way we produce whisky” – Balvenie malt master David Stewart. 

In any case, it’s a special evening where three big whisky bars goes together with Balvenie ambassador Mario miron for a unique launch.

Let’s hear what you thought of the event!

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