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Amrut Two Continents

Amrut Two Continents Foto: Whiskyworld.no

Amrut Two Continents – Second Edition

As the name implies this whisky is stored on two continents; Asia and Europe. 2 years in India and the 3 last in Europe. Exactly where this is stored the importer doesn’t know since Amrut stores both in Germany, Scotland and Swerden.

This whisky at Amrut’s homepage

Reviewed: 01.07.2016

Alcohol: 50% (bottle says 50%, but Amrut’s homepage 46%)

Country: India, but stored both in India and Europe.

Price Vinmonopolet: SOLD OUT! (Price internet: 49,96£)

Colour: Refill bourbongolden yellow

Nose: First a chemical/synthetic off note (this influences everything a lot!), thereafter cherries, ripe fruit, sour flavour of green apples, some ginger and green tea. With a bit of water it goes less chemical and more fruity (peaches).

Flavour: Sulfur, lemon

Evaluation: No, no, this was not very good. Can’t get over this chemical off note. Nothing that will be recommended. A quite average three.

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