Whisky Anmeldelse: Highland Park Viking Line 13 y.o. Whisky review: Highland Park Viking Line 13 y.o. | whiskyworld.no-english

A special bottling for the ferry line company Color Line – unfortunately no longer available for sale in their tax free shops.

Name: Highland Park Viking Line 13 y.o

Reviewed: 27.11.17

Alcohol: 63,1%

Region: Islands

Colour: Dark caramel

Nose: Plenty of dried fruits: Raisins, dates. Black grapes, plums, caramel, old leather and perhaps a hint of tobacco. After a while there is also some peanuts coming through.

Flavour: Amazingly round and nice for such a powerful whisky. Fills the whole mouth and lingers for a long time. Obvious cherry flavours, honey, cinnamon, vanilla.

Evaluation: A marvellous whisky. Lovely round sherry flavours. Undoubtedly a strong 5.

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