Guide Oslo 28.02.19: Dr Jekylls Whisky Club – TBWC tasting |


What: Tasting

Theme: That Boutique-Y Whisky Company “Expression of Dr. Jekyll”

Where: Dr. Jekylls Pub

When: Thursday 28. february 2019

Price: NOK 298


A tasting in cooperation with Malt AS. 3 bottlings from That Boutique-Y Whisky Company, or TBWC among friends, has been picked. These will be launched at Vinmonopolet March 1st. So here is a chance for an early taste. Dr Jekyll mentions that there  will be 5 bottlings form different corners of the world – from young to old. If anyone else doesn’t see the connection to the 3 bottlings mentioned earlier, you are not alone.. Three from TBWC and two from others? Well, therein lies some excitement for those who go there!

For the uninitiated (that includes Whiskyworld too to be honest) TBWC is presented as an English independent bottler who has both well-known whiskies from big distilleries, as well as great ones from smaller distilleries and regions.

We want to know how this went since we don’t have the possibility to go ourselves! Was it 3 or 5 bottlings in the end? Which ones? It’s for comments below! 🙂

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