Norsk whisky hos Dr. Jekyll's |

What: Tasting

Theme: Norwegian Whisky

Location: Dr. Jekylls Pub, Oslo

When: Thursday 21 October 2019, 19:00

Price: NOK 350

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is undoubtedly an exciting theme; Norwegian whisky. There are more whisky produced in this country than what you should believe. Therefore it’s great that Dr. Jekyll’s, together with the president of the Norwegian Malt Whisky Association, Ivar Aarseth, gets serious about this theme. Aarseth har been out and about collecting precious liquid gold for this tasting; from ready whisky to new makes.

A very special lineup is coming – 1 or 2 cl of each since access to the the different things are differing:

Arcus Gjoleid Praksis 1.2 (available at Vinmonopolet) and a cask sample of Norway’s oldest malt whisky; a bourbon cask from 2010

Aurora Cask sample of Odin’s share – Arctic (soon to be) whisky

Det Norske Brenneri Eiktyrne Quadruple (Soon available at Vinmonopolet) and two cask samples of interesting future products

Myken Hungarian Touch 2019 (Available at Vinmonopolet). Myken got the coveted “best in festival” at Oslo Whisky Festival 2018, in category “whisky from other countries”

It seems also to be a few cask samples from the following distilleries:  Klostergården, Myken, OSS Craft, Trondhjem mikrobryggeri, Berentsen Brygghus.

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