Guide Oslo 18.11.19: Battle of Speyside Finale hos Dr Jekyll's |


What: Tasting

Theme: Battle of Speyside Finale

Where: Dr. Jekylls Pub, Oslo

When: Monday 18 November 2019, 19:00

Price: NOK 600,-


Chris Maile Photo:

The epic Speyside battle has come down to BenRiach vs Glendronach. The final decision is coming on Monday. The distilleries will get each their famous person of the whisky world as their representative.


For Glendronach the well known Chris maile who recently completed the 2020-edition of Oslo Whiskyfestival.

He is a Scot from the Isle of Skye and “Keeper of the Quaich”. For BenRiach we have yet another scotsman,Barney. He comes from North Berwick and he is now the manager for The Whisky Bar.

Both Gentlemen should well prepared for this evening. They each have 3 whiskies and are ready to convice. But which whiskies are a secret as of now.

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