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Reviewed : 22nd May 2020

ABV: 48%

Price: Vinmonopolet (“bestillingsutvalget”): NOK 1159,90,- (as of 31.07.20)

Product on Matsui’s homepage

Matsui The Peated



Nose: It has to be said that this was quite a different peated experience than what is produced in Scotland. No surprise there, but the first that hit me was quite a flowered peat, but also some vanilla oak. Some rubber, and with water quite a bit of marzipan.


Palate: Peated, burnt oak, floral… Continue reading

Amrut Two Continents

Amrut Two Continents Foto:

Amrut Two Continents – Second Edition

As the name implies this whisky is stored on two continents; Asia and Europe. 2 years in India and the 3 last in Europe. Exactly where this is stored the importer doesn’t know since Amrut stores both in Germany, Scotland and Swerden.

This whisky at Amrut’s homepage

Reviewed: 01.07.2016

Alcohol: 50% (bottle says 50%, but Amrut’s homepage 46%)

Country: India, but stored both in India and Europe.

Price Vinmonopolet:… Continue reading

Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt:

Kavalan Concertmaster (Foto:

Kavalan Concertmaster (Foto:

Kavalan Concertmaster

Reviewed: 02.10.15

Product on distillery homepage

40% alcohol

Price Vinmonopolet (order selection):  699 kr (30.12.16)

Colour: Dark golden brown

Nose: Plenty of sweet notes, but not so fruity as other Kavalans. Caramel, vanilla and coconut. With some water the floral notes are more prevolant together with more coconut. Dried fruits like raisins and prunes also.

Taste: Warms well down, very sweet, but dries out quickly.

Evaluation: This is a… Continue reading

Kavalan Single malt (Foto:

Kavalan Single malt (Photo:

Reviewed: 2. Oktober 2015

This is Kavalan’s “dram” – the standard.

The product on the Kavalan homepage

Alkohol: 40%

Price: Vinmonopolet (“bestillingsutvalget”): NOK 799,- (as of 28.12.16)

Colour: Obvious American oak. Light, golden brown

Nose: Straight off the block the fruity, sweet notes stand out: Apples, bananas and toffee. After this it slides over into vanilla and then coffee. With a small hint of water we are moving over into tropical fruits like… Continue reading