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Amrut Two Continents

Amrut Two Continents Foto: Whiskyworld.no

Amrut Two Continents – Second Edition

As the name implies this whisky is stored on two continents; Asia and Europe. 2 years in India and the 3 last in Europe. Exactly where this is stored the importer doesn’t know since Amrut stores both in Germany, Scotland and Swerden.

This whisky at Amrut’s homepage

Reviewed: 01.07.2016

Alcohol: 50% (bottle says 50%, but Amrut’s homepage 46%)

Country: India, but stored both in India and Europe.

Price Vinmonopolet:… Continue reading

Kavalan Single malt (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)

Kavalan Single malt (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)

Anmeldt: 2. Oktober 2015

Dette er Kavalans “dram” – standarden.

Produktet på Kavalans hjemmesider

Alkohol: 40%

Pris: Vinmonopolet (bestillingsutvalget): 799 kr (per 28.12.16)

Farge: Tydelig amerikansk eik. Lys, gyllen brun.

Lukt: Rett fra startblokken slår de fruktige, søte notene mot meg: Epler, bananer og smørbukk. Deretter glir det mer over vanilje og deretter over i retning av kaffe. Med et lite hint av vann går vi over i mer tropiske frukter som

Berrys' Littlemill 1988 24 år

Berrys’ Littlemill 1988 24 år

This distillery was located near Glasgow, but now it’s no longer in operation. Matured on american oak casks. Double distilled.

Alcohol: 46%

Price Vinmonopolet: Not found in the selection. Internet price: 220€

Colour: Light straw yellow

Nose: Oh dear! A clear offnote of rubber, lots of nail polish remover. With water it became a bit more sweet.

Flavour: Oily, a sweet whisky, lots of almonds towards the end.

Evaluation: No, this wasn’t quite… Continue reading

Berrys' Auchentoshan 29 years 1984

Berrys’ Auchentoshan 29 years 1984

Berrys’ Auchentoshan 1984 29 år

Reviewed: 05.12.15

Triple distilled Lowlands-whisky from independent bottler Berrys’.

Alcohol: 46%

Price Vinmonopolet: Not found in the selection. Price internet: Ca. 130-150 £

Colour: Light straw

Nose: Lots of vanilla immediately on the nose, thereafter citrus and coconut. With a bit of water it’s almost like a candy shop! To me, that’s a very pleasant smell.

Taste: It goes easilty on the sides of the mouth. Plenty of… Continue reading

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