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Here is a guide to festivals in Oslo.


Oslo Whisky Festival 2019

Friday 1 November 17.00-21.00

Saturday 2 november 13.00-20.00

Thon Conference Universitetsgaten


Are you looking forward to it too? During the first weekend of November the grand daddy of Norwegian whisky festivals returns: Oslo Whisky Festival. The 2019 edition will be held at Thon Conference in Universitetsgata and we think this will be a hit as always.

We are keenly awaiting Chris maile to publish the seminars/master classes, but per usual we are most likely… Continue reading


Oslo Whiskyfestival 2016

Friday 3rd of November 17.00-21.00

Saturday 4th of November 13.00-20.00

Venue: Håndverkeren Kurs og Konferansesenter


It’s fast approaching! Only few months remain until Mr. Maille opens the doors… Continue reading

Through the doors at Håndverkeren and you can really feel that the weekend has started. Two days of wonderful whisky and great whisky people is underway. And you can really say that this is also what it became! Here is our summary of a great weekend – one day at a time! With and extra tasting compared to what was mentioned at first. But that is not until day 2.

On the first day the main goal was Martin… Continue reading

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2016 går snart av stabelen!

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2016 går snart av stabelen!

Ja, kjære venner! Stemningen stiger her jeg skriver. Akkurat nå er det akkurat 24 timer til dørene åpnes i Hånderverken til Oslo Whiskyfestival 2016! Jeg gleder meg stort, og jeg håper dere gjør det samme! Det er mange flotte seminarer på planen – se også hvor du finner oss!

Det er noen spennende seminarer som er satt opp som alltid. Se bare listen her og se hvor whiskyworld.no vil være. Ja, og… Continue reading

The autumn’s whisky highlight is being held for the thirteenth time! Well done by mr. Maille!

As this post is written very little is known about this year’s OWF except the date and time. But it will most likely be a good group of guests and another edition of the Norwegian Championship in nosing.

We will continue to follow the updates closely because we are really looking forward to this highlight on the whisky calendar!

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015 går snart av stabelen!

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015 is now finished!


It’s been a few days since the conclusion of Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015. The impressions have had it’s chance to sink in. Here is my summary of this weekend. And yes, it’s time to use the finest superlatives!

Don’t forget to read our summary of day 1.

1600 people!

There were many highlights this weekend! We can congratulate Chris Maile and his team with a great festival. We can also congratulate them with a… Continue reading

Oslo Whiskyfestival er i gang!

Oslo Whiskyfestival has started!

Finally the festival is underway Here are some thoughts from Day 1!

It really seems like the festival has got a very good start because there was no lack of people this day! There was a long queue in front of the the door, and quite hectic once inside. Picking up prepaid tickets, buying tickets and wardrobe in a rather cramped space created a rather complicated and confusing queue system. Fortunately, Chris Maile was there sometimes… Continue reading

As probably many whisky fans already has noted: This year’s seminars at Oslo Whiskyfestival are out!

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015 går snart av stabelen!

Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015 starts soon!

Most of those who read my first update about the festival might have noticed the things I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, there were others than I who were quicker, and I had problems with the festival’s webshop. Therefore the seminar with David Francis, representing my favourite distillery, was lost. That was rather disappointing! But I got in… Continue reading


Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015

6. november 17.00-21.00

7.november 13.00-20.00

Håndverkeren Kurs og Konferansesenter


Oslo Whiskyfestival nærmer seg med stormskritt! Og om jeg gleder meg? Ja, så absolutt! Den orginale norske whiskyfestivalen avholdes nå for 12. gang, og ettersom hva nettsidene til arrangøren sier har vi virkelig noe å se fram til!

Jeg må si at en av høydepunktene for meg er seminaret med David Francis som representerer fra Ardbeg/Glenmorangie. Ikke fordi den godeste Mr. Francis er særlig kjent for meg,… Continue reading