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This is a guide to tastings/master classes

What: Tasting

Theme: “World Whisky”

Where: Bar Amundsen/Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

When: Wednesday 20February 2020

Price: NOK 450,-


An exciting tasting in Bergen this time! The theme is “World Whisky” and blogger Stephen Mathis from The Malt Impostor is the one to lead the tasting. They promise whiskies from Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, Sweden and others. Insight into how philosophy and geography influences the whiskies will be given.

Sign up via the website.

What: Whisky tasting

Theme: Adnamurchan

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Friday 02.06.17. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 350

New destillery in Daracha’s portfolio; Adnamurchan. Their first whisky is out now, and we will get to taste this among other goodies. This sounds like a reall good start to a Friday evening!

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What: Whisky tasting

Theme: Whisky Warehouse Nr 8

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Thursday 11.05.17. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 400

A German independent bottler, Whisky Warehouse Nr 8, is the “theme” this time around at Terminus. I’ll have to admit that I know little to nothing about them, so the chances for learning some new things are is great!

Tickes may be bought here!

Diageo’s Mikael Lunden and Flemming from whiskyworld.no in animated conversation – Foto: Whiskyworld.no

What: Whisky dinner

When: Thursday 6th of  April 2017, 19.00

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

Price: NOK 1.390,- per person

Whisky dinner with Keeper of The Quiach and Diageo Ambassadorr Mikael Lundèn is really great! Last time  at least we all had a marvellous time! We are talking five course dinner with matching whiskies for each dish. Brora 38 y.o and several of Diageo Special Releases 2016… Continue reading

What: Whisky tasting

Theme: The Coopers Choice and Adelphis Selection Independent Bottler with importer Daracha

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Wednesday 28.01.17. 6:00 pm

Price: NOK 350

This year’s second whisky tasting at Terminus is once again together with Daracha and Anya Pjor (summer tasting 2016). And that’s not the onlyreason this is “Whisky tasting vol. II”.  Again we are talking goodies from The Coopers Choice and Adelphi. But this time wit a whisky that had not arrived for… Continue reading

What: Whisky tasting

Theme: The Coopers Choice and Adelphis Selection Independent Bottler with importer Daracha

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Wednesday 20.01.17. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 350

This year’s first(?) tasting in Bergen will be at Terminus. Daracha, with whom we had a summertasting in 2016 will this time select plenty of goodies from The Coopers Choice and Adelphi. Again it will be Anya who guides the attendees through.

Ticket may be bought here!

Logo tasting roomWhat: Whisky tasting

Theme: Berry Brothers & Rudd

Where: The Tasting Room

When: Saturday 12 Nov. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 385

Mr Harring invites to a tasting with Berry Brothers & Rudd as the theme. Somewhat late getting the info out due to minor mailing list problems appearently. It’s mentioned that Berry is one of the oldest whisky buyers around and they have comitted plenty of epic whiskies. A very interesting tasting in other words!

Sign up to frode@thetastingroom.no

 … Continue reading

Few things in life are as exciting as the combination of whisky and food. It really lifts the food to new heights with a varition that even puts wine to shame. When you sit in Terminus’ beautiful Ambrosia room with a Mikael Lundèn on top form, you can really feel the excitement grow!

Terminus Whiskybar after a long day, is almost must do. Two good ales from the good beer selection was the choice of whiskyworld.no’s representatives this evening. A… Continue reading

1st of July 2016

Terminus Whiskybar, Bergen

Price: Kr 400

At Terminus 8 hopeful tasters were met by Daracha’s very nice ambassador; Anja. The theme was “Summer” and it was an interesting selection of whiskies, including a surprise at the end. With both beginners and more experienced whisky people around the table it was a nice group of people gathered in the basement of Terminus.

So, what to expect from a summer tasting like this? In advance, one could… Continue reading