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All whisky related in Bergen is gathered together here.

Bergen Beer & Whisky Festival 2021

Friday 29 January 16:00-21.00

Saturday 30 January 2020 13.00-17:00 and 17:30-21:30



Grand Bergen


Friday 29 Januar NOK 550,- incl. 15 tasting coupons

Saturday 30 JanuarY NOK 550,- per session incl. 15 tasting coupons

5 extra coupons: NOK 100,-

The date of the whisky festival in Bergen 2021 is up! The 2020-edition went clear of the corona issues, in 2021 it will undoubtedly be adapted. First and foremost it will be downscaled… Continue reading

What: Tasting

Theme: Irish Whiskey

Where: Bar Amundsen/Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

When: Friday 21 August 2020


As far as we know, the first message about tasting after the Norwegian vacation period comes from Bergen: Once again blogger Stephen Mathis from The Malt Impostor will be coming to Bar Amundsen. Focus is what some would say is a “typo”; whiskey – with an “e”. In other words; the Irish variety. But there is of course a lot to enjoy here!… Continue reading

What: Mini Whisky Fair

Where: The House of Taste, Bergen

When: Friday 26 June 2020, 18:00

Price: NOK 500,-


Bergen’s Mr. Whisky, Frode Harring’s, new conecept House of Taste got a difficult start under corona, but he has returned now in June with a mini whisky fair series called “The June Bonanza”.  We have not been great at getting thigns out on our webpage after the things opened up after corona, but here is an opportunity in Bergen… Continue reading

What: Tasting

Theme: “World Whisky”

Where: Bar Amundsen/Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

When: Wednesday 20February 2020


An exciting tasting in Bergen this time! The theme is “World Whisky” and blogger Stephen Mathis from The Malt Impostor is the one to lead the tasting. They promise whiskies from Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, Sweden and others. Insight into how philosophy and geography influences the whiskies will be given.

Sign up via the website.


Bergen Beer & Whisky Festival 2018

31 January – 2. February 2016

Grand Hotel Terminus


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It’s great to have something to look forward to also in Bergen. We are quickly getting to the fifth edition of Bergen Whisky & Beer Festival.  The Tasting Room and Frode Harring are the ones behind this great event! Tickets already available here.

Tickets are available to tastings with both Ardbeg, Cadenhead… Continue reading

Foto av Bruno Girin

What: Whisky expedition to Highland Park in Orkney

Where: Departure from Bryggen in Bergen

When: 22. june 2019 12:00–28. juni 2019 6:00

Price: NOK 7.140 (with X-mas discount)


Martin fra Highland Park kommer! – Foto:

Frode Harring from The Tasting Room and the Norwegian sail ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl invite for a whisky expedition til Orkney and Highland Park! There will be tasting on board with Markvardsen and tours at Highland… Continue reading

What: Open house/distillery tour

Where: OSS Craft Distillery, Fleslandsvegen 205, 5238 Blomsterdalen

When: Sunday October 1st

Price: Free

OSS Craft Distillery has so far only released gin for general sales. A gin that has been named the best in the world.. But rumours has it that Mr. Bareksten (chief distiller) has whisky stored in the barrels near Bergen Airport. So, when this is mature enough OSS will go into history as the first maker of Bergen whisky.

Bareksten will… Continue reading

What: Whisky tasting

Theme: Adnamurchan

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Friday 02.06.17. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 350

New destillery in Daracha’s portfolio; Adnamurchan. Their first whisky is out now, and we will get to taste this among other goodies. This sounds like a reall good start to a Friday evening!

Buy tickets here!

What: Whisky tasting

Theme: Whisky Warehouse Nr 8

Where: Terminus Whiskybar

When: Thursday 11.05.17. 7:30 pm

Price: NOK 400

A German independent bottler, Whisky Warehouse Nr 8, is the “theme” this time around at Terminus. I’ll have to admit that I know little to nothing about them, so the chances for learning some new things are is great!

Tickes may be bought here!