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Reviewed : 22nd May 2020

ABV: 48%

Price: Vinmonopolet (“bestillingsutvalget”): NOK 1159,90,- (as of 31.07.20)

Product on Matsui’s homepage

Matsui The Peated



Nose: It has to be said that this was quite a different peated experience than what is produced in Scotland. No surprise there, but the first that hit me was quite a flowered peat, but also some vanilla oak. Some rubber, and with water quite a bit of marzipan.


Palate: Peated, burnt oak, floral… Continue reading

Macbeth Whisky & Aquavit Bar


Søndre Gate 22B, 7010 Trondheim


Søn – tir: 15-00

Ons – tor: 15-01

Fre: 15 – 02

Lør: 13.30-02




MacBeth in Trondheim in Søndre Gate we in whiskyworld.no only remember from it’s former life as only a sports bar. But this seems to have changed a few years ago, and they are now advertising with joining two nations together. We are uncertain about how large their whisky selection is… Continue reading

What: Tasting

Theme: Irish Whiskey

Where: Bar Amundsen/Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

When: Friday 21 August 2020


As far as we know, the first message about tasting after the Norwegian vacation period comes from Bergen: Once again blogger Stephen Mathis from The Malt Impostor will be coming to Bar Amundsen. Focus is what some would say is a “typo”; whiskey – with an “e”. In other words; the Irish variety. But there is of course a lot to enjoy here!… Continue reading