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Kavalan Single malt (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)

Kavalan Single malt (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)

Reviewed: 2. October 2015

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This is Kavalan’s “dram” – the standard.

Alcohol: 40%

Price: Vinmonopolet (“by order” – selection): 799 kr (28.12.16)

Colour: Obvious american oak. Light, golden brown.

Nose: Right from the start the fruity, sweet notes hit me: Apples, bananas, fudge. Thereafter it becomes more vanilla-like and then towards coffee. With a little hint of more tropical fruits like pineapple, but also some marzipan.

Kavalan Single Malt

Kavalan Single Malt

Taste: This really fills the whole mouth. Fruity (tropical), warm and sweet. Dry on the palate.

Evaluation: This is really a good, solid dram. Lovely light tones. It’s especially good when you think that it’s probably not had more than 4-5 years to reach the state. This is high class, but not really top class either. The score lands on a four, but a strong one!




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