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Highland Park Dark Origins bottle


Highland Park Dark Origins. Foto.

Highland Park Dark Origins

A great island whisky from Highland Park with wonderful sweet notes!

This product at Highland Park’s homepage

Reviewed: 04.11.16

Price Vinmonopolet: NOK 699,-

Alcohol: 46,8%

Colour: Golden red (sherry cask)

Nose: Plums, candy, lightly peated, bananas, hazelnuts after a while

Palate: Plenty of dark chocolate, a bit peppery, orange

Conclusion: Very delicious and sweet whisky, lovely sherry character for those… Continue reading

Adelphi Selection Glen Keith 1991 21 y.o Foto:

Adelphi Selection Glen Keith 1991 21 y.o

Adelphi Selection Glen Keith 1991 21 y.o

Another whisky from Adelphi. This is a release limited to 228 bottles.

Click for Glen Keith on Wikipedia

Reviewed: 01.07.16

Region: Speyside

Price Vinmonopolet: Kr 1550

Alcohol: 53%

Colour: Light lemon, ex-bourbon

Nose: Lemon, canned peaches, fruity and flowery, apples. With some water there is more lemongrass, vanilla and spices.

Flavour: Oily consistency. Spicy, ripe pears, honey melom and a bit of… Continue reading

Amrut Two Continents

Amrut Two Continents Foto:

Amrut Two Continents – Second Edition

As the name implies this whisky is stored on two continents; Asia and Europe. 2 years in India and the 3 last in Europe. Exactly where this is stored the importer doesn’t know since Amrut stores both in Germany, Scotland and Swerden.

This whisky at Amrut’s homepage

Reviewed: 01.07.2016

Alcohol: 50% (bottle says 50%, but Amrut’s homepage 46%)

Country: India, but stored both in India and Europe.

Price Vinmonopolet:… Continue reading

Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt:

Kavalan Concertmaster (Foto:

Kavalan Concertmaster (Foto:

Kavalan Concertmaster

Reviewed: 02.10.15

Product on distillery homepage

40% alcohol

Price Vinmonopolet (order selection):  699 kr (30.12.16)

Colour: Dark golden brown

Nose: Plenty of sweet notes, but not so fruity as other Kavalans. Caramel, vanilla and coconut. With some water the floral notes are more prevolant together with more coconut. Dried fruits like raisins and prunes also.

Taste: Warms well down, very sweet, but dries out quickly.

Evaluation: This is a… Continue reading

Linkwood The Coopers Choice

Linkwood The Coopers Choice Foto:


Anmeldt: 01.07.16

Pris Vinmonopolet: Finnes ikke. Pris internett: 36,50 £

Alkohol: 45%

Farge: Lys strågul. Mulig amerikansk bourbonfat?

Lukt: Herlig snop! Mye fersken, tørket ananas, (skum)banan, kokos og noe lær. Med litt vann blir den mer krydret

Smak: Fyller munnen godt/oljete, fruktig og nøttete.

Vurdering: Absolutt en herlig whisky som anbefales sterkt! Og at dette er sommer er det ingen tvil om! Terningen er en solid femmer!


Kavalan Single malt (Foto:

Kavalan Single malt (Foto:

Reviewed: 2. October 2015

Product on Kavalan’s homepage

This is Kavalan’s “dram” – the standard.

Alcohol: 40%

Price: Vinmonopolet (“by order” – selection): 799 kr (28.12.16)

Colour: Obvious american oak. Light, golden brown.

Nose: Right from the start the fruity, sweet notes hit me: Apples, bananas, fudge. Thereafter it becomes more vanilla-like and then towards coffee. With a little hint of more tropical fruits like pineapple, but also some marzipan.

Kavalan Single Malt

Kavalan Single Malt

Taste:… Continue reading

Glenfiddich 26 år

Glenfiddich 26 år

Anmeldt: 05.12.15

Single Cask whisky, Amerikansk eik.

Alkoholprosent: 43

Pris Vinmonopolet: Kr 3.564

Farge: Mørk gylden

Lukt: Det første som slår en er epler! Nærmest en calvados. Svært fruktig. Også en del kokos.

Smak: Lett pepper, men søtlig. Med vann blir den mye fruktigere – mye banan. Med litt vann fyller den munnen mer.

Vurdering: Dette var virkelig fantastisk! Dette er et godt sted å plassere tre tusenlapper om du har! Herlig! 5!

<img class=”wp-image-103… Continue reading

Berrys' Littlemill 1988 24 år

Berrys’ Littlemill 1988 24 år

This distillery was located near Glasgow, but now it’s no longer in operation. Matured on american oak casks. Double distilled.

Alcohol: 46%

Price Vinmonopolet: Not found in the selection. Internet price: 220€

Colour: Light straw yellow

Nose: Oh dear! A clear offnote of rubber, lots of nail polish remover. With water it became a bit more sweet.

Flavour: Oily, a sweet whisky, lots of almonds towards the end.

Evaluation: No, this wasn’t quite… Continue reading

Berrys' Auchentoshan 29 years 1984

Berrys’ Auchentoshan 29 years 1984

Berrys’ Auchentoshan 1984 29 år

Reviewed: 05.12.15

Triple distilled Lowlands-whisky from independent bottler Berrys’.

Alcohol: 46%

Price Vinmonopolet: Not found in the selection. Price internet: Ca. 130-150 £

Colour: Light straw

Nose: Lots of vanilla immediately on the nose, thereafter citrus and coconut. With a bit of water it’s almost like a candy shop! To me, that’s a very pleasant smell.

Taste: It goes easilty on the sides of the mouth. Plenty of… Continue reading

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