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Tastings/Master Classes

Here is a guide to tastings/master classes in Oslo


What: Tasting

Theme: Norwegian Whisky

Location: Dr. Jekylls Pub, Oslo

When: Thursday 21 October 2019, 19:00

Price: NOK 350

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is undoubtedly an exciting theme; Norwegian whisky. There are more whisky produced in this country than what you should believe. Therefore it’s great that Dr. Jekyll’s, together with the president of the Norwegian Malt Whisky Association, Ivar Aarseth, gets serious about this theme. Aarseth har been out and about collecting precious liquid gold for this tasting;… Continue reading


What: Tasting

Theme: Macallan “The 1824 Master Series”

Location: Dr. Jekylls Pub, Oslo

When: Thursday 31 October 2019, 19:00

Price: NOK 1.500

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A rather exclusive tasting is coming to Dr Jekyll’s in October. Edrington Norge is cooperating on this tasting that will bring some of the most exclusive Macallans to be found onto the table. Master distiller Bob Dalgarno has created a very unique range with “The 1824 Master Series”: Rare Cask, Reflexion, No.6, and M.… Continue reading


What: Tasting

Theme: Highland Park with Martin Markvardsen

Location: Dr. Jekylls Pub, Oslo

When: Monday 25 September 2019, 19:00

Price: NOK 398


Martin fra Highland Park – Foto: Whiskyworld.no

The always amazing ambassador for the pride of Orkney, Highland Park, is coming to Oslo! Dr. Jekyll’s gets the honour of being the host for what looks like will be an amazing tasting. There is no reason to hide the fact that yours truely is a great… Continue reading

What: Tasting

Theme: Battle of Speyside – Glenfiddich vs Benriach

Where: Dr. Jekylls Pub

When: Monday 25 February 2019

Price: Kr 350

This is a regular thing from Dr Jekylls. A kind whisky battle between two whisky brands. 3 drams for each of the distilleries is being tasted blind.

The winning dram becomes the finalist in the Champian of Speyside. Interesting! Drammen som vinner blir finalist i Champion of Speyside. Et interessant opplegg.

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