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Whisky cocktails

Whisky cocktails



Sted: The Tasting Room

Tidspunkt: Søndag 1. november kl 19:00

Hva: Semifinale i The Malt Whisky Cocktail Challenge

Flere bartendere konkurrerer om finaleplassene i The Malt Whisky Cocktail Challenge More about the author. Dette blir virkelig spennende!

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Holmens gate 3 , 0250 Oslo (Aker Brygg)

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 16.00 – 03.30
Friday – Saturday 15.00 – 03.30
Sunday 16.00 – 03.30


In a bar… Continue reading

The Whisky Bar



Rådhusgata 28, 0151 Oslo

Opening hours:

Monday:  15:00 – 01:00
Tuesday – Saturday:  15:00 – 03:00



In Rådhusgata you will find one of Norway’s better whisky bars. Great whisky selection and a stylish, dark local gives the right ambience for any whisky lover.

They have a staff with a very high level of whisky knowlegde as one should expect for such an establishment. Whisky events are held on a regular basis.

Situated just next Dubliner’s Pub and they offer a food meny with several items.

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The Thirsty Explorer heads to the Scottish island of Islay where he learns the important differences between malt and whisky – and how to order it in a bar.

Kilde: BBC – Travel – Why you should never drink whisky on the rocks

From our partner:

Holiday in Scotland? Don't forget a cottage!


Oslo Whiskyfestival 2015

6. november 17.00-21.00

7.november 13.00-20.00

Håndverkeren Kurs og Konferansesenter


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Oslo Whiskyfestival nærmer seg med stormskritt! Og om jeg gleder meg? Ja, så absolutt! Den orginale norske whiskyfestivalen avholdes nå for 12. gang, og ettersom hva nettsidene til arrangøren sier har vi virkelig noe å se fram til!… Continue reading

Kveldens line-up har masse utmerkelser! (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)

Kavalan Whiskies: Kveldens line-up har masse utmerkelser! (Foto: Whiskyworld.no)


2. Oktober 2015

Terminus Whiskybar, Bergen

Pris: Kr 350


At den første anmeldelsen på whiskyworld.no blir av taiwansk og ikke skotsk whisky er spesielt. Men med en slik lineup som denne kvelden hadde å by på, lever jeg likevel godt med det.


Høsten begynner å sette seg litt mer i Bergen, og da må det må sies at det føles godt å være tilbake hos Terminus etter… Continue reading

Logo tasting roomThe Tasting Room

Address: Engen 6, 5014 Bergen

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 18:00 – 02:30
Friday – Saturday: 16:00 – 02:30
Sunday: 18:00 – 02:30


A relatively new star on the Bergen whisky heaven, but under the strong hand of “mr. Whisky Bergen” himself, Frode Harring, it seems like this star is shining very clearly indeed. It’s popularity has risen quite fast.

Rumours are saying over 500… Continue reading

Kontoret (Dickens) – Sadly Kontoret is now closed down

Adress: Kong Olav V plass 4, 5087 Bergen

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 16:00 – 00:30
Friday – Saturday: 16:00 – 02:00
Sunday: 16:00 – 00:30


A part of the Dickens establisment and it’s classical bar/pub with dark furniture and a decent selection of both beer and whisky. They say they have about 70 different single malts and about 80 beers.

Bar men with different light dishes is available as… Continue reading

Terminus Whiskybar

Address: Zander Kaaesgate 6, 5015 Bergen

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 16.00 – 00.30
Friday – Saturday: 16.00 – 01.00


A whiskybar in a large, classical venue i the distinguished Grand Terminus Hotel. The largest bar in Bergen (and quite possibly in Norway) in number of different whiskies available: Over 1050 different bottles! The only whiskybar in Norway with Tallymilk on the menu appearently.

The bar is undoubtedly the most “decorated” in Bergen:

Dear whisky friend,

Welcome to whiskyworld.no!

Finally we are underway, even in English(!), and it’s really a pleasure to see that you found your way here! I hope you will find something that’s of interest. We will try to distill the best of the world of whisky for you – with an added focus on Norway.

This site has been on my mind for years, but the last few months the project has really moved ahead to the site you… Continue reading

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